Thunder Heights - Phyllis A. Whitney

Once I attempted to read Phyllis Whitney, and for some reason, I wasn't hooked. Maybe it was because of reviews saying her style was similar to VH, and to me, it wasn't. One of the major differences was that PW's plots take place in US and I prefer Gothics in Victorian Europe.

In spite of that, I think this book was good and, yes, similar to VH. A former governess (and young orphan), suddenly heiress of a Mansion. The members of her family, 2 Aunts and a Cousin, are suspicious of trying to kill her. The mystery may not be great, but I love how she, Camilla, cannot trust anyone, and escapes death by mere luck.

There were 2 negative aspects of the book: 1) the last chapter. I assume it is because the edition I have is condensed. All ends too rushed, and kind of melodramatic; 2) Camilla's love interest. There is not enough about him to make you like him. And the little there is of him, he is always angry.

Nevertheless, point Nr. 1 is due the edition of my book, and point Nr. 2 is only secondary to the story.