Mark Cooper versus America - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock

I am in the minority of people who did not love this book. Mark was funny most of the times, and although I do not like much swearing in a book, I did not mind it here cuz it fitted him. He and Deacon were nice together, and I liked that there were no dramas, not regarding their relationship, not their sexuality. They were out and proud, and no one bullied them because of that.

Once they start being official, I liked that they trusted each other, enough to experiment with their kinks. They are pretty open about their feelings.

One of their kinks I love (cross-dressing) but the other (fisting)... *shakes head*. Unfortunately, they spend more time with the fisting than with the lingerie. I don't find that kink either sexy nor hot nor worth-reading.

I am grateful that I never had to go thru this rushing and hazing in fraternities. They may not all the be the same or it may be different from reality, but I don't think it may be that different. Sexual assault, bully, humiliation... while all the other members o however they are called keep quiet about it.

Not TOO hot nor TOO funny nor as romantic as I was hoping :-S