A Girl Like You - Gemma Burgess

About half of the book it was everything I look forward in a chick-lit: Abigail was funny, carefree, with funny insightful thoughts, her friends were perfect, her potential love interest just like I want him. And it is a British Chick-lit! I love Brit Chick Lit ("fucknuckle"... how funny is this word?). And every time the girls mentioned their ex's names and they spit over their shoulders.. that was genius.

After being in a relationship for 7 years, Abigail starts dating again. First she is all nervous, but with a little help from his flatmate, Robert, she gains confidence and starts to enjoy being single again.

I loved that she enjoyed her freedom and did not think too much about it after a while. If she did not have fun, she did not return the guy's calls. If she wanted, she could have a date with different guys every night. She was a "bastardette". I loved that she could behave like a guy: just having fun and not worrying about relationships.

And Robert was the perfect new best friend. They kind of reminded me of the movie "Someone like you" (starring Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman). Robert is, like HJ's character, a womanizer, a bit grumpy but nice. He is amused with Abigail and helps her thru text messages when she is on dates. They quickly become best friends, they have a great chemistry, and Abigail never sees him as a love interest, which was excellent (all girls swoon over him).

But then, between 50% and 75% of the book, the story takes a flop. Abigail gets obsessed over Dave, Robert's BFF. The funny girl we meet in the first half of the story is gone. It is all about Dave this, Dave that. She is unhappy, insecure, clingy, etc. I mean, it is fine that she falls for the wrong guy (of course it was the wrong guy, he was not Robert.. duh) but because we readers know he is a douche-bag makes it worse.

Then when she realizes she likes Robert... MEH. The end... MEH. A bit corny and predictable. With funny moments, but nothing spectacular.