Kristy and the Secret of Susan (Baby-Sitters Club (Quality)) - Ann Matthews Martin

What a coincidence, I am currently watching ATARU, a dorama about an autistic savant man and this book is about an autistic savant girl.

So, this has to be my least favorite BSC so far. I did not expect Kristy to be so dumb. Yeah, she is 13-years-old, she is just a kid, she has a good heart, blah blah. But how could she think Susan's parents didn't try everything possible to help their daughter? How could she think she was her savior? And that all these children going to her house weren't up to something?

The end of course, was convenient, with Mrs. Felder being pregnant. So now Susan will be away in a school which is going to help her and her parents with a healthy baby. And Kristy telling everyone.

And Mal getting a boyfriend! Going to the movies alone (they are 11, for Heaven's sake. Am I revealing my age with this outrage...?