Unspeakable Words - Sarah Madison

The cover is MEH but that scene was funny.

Jerry and Flynn start with kind of the wrong foot. Both are Special Agents, Jerry has OCD, lives alone with his cat and is in charge of welcoming Flynn in the city. The hotel where Flynn was going to spend his days looked dangerous, so Jerry offers him to stay with him instead.

At the beginning they banter a lot. They are very different, and since this is from Jerry's POV, it is also because he is kind of jealous of Flynn (although he cannot avoid thinking Flynn is a gorgeous man). Once they are into their case and Flynn, unexpectedly, gets a electroshock and with it, the ability to read minds (not only human's but animal's too!), they become BFF.

I liked that Jerry is not skeptic once Flynn tells him he can read mind. He tries to help him, and in the process, tries to keep his thoughts in secret ("soundproof!"). It was very sweet how Jerry tries to NOT think about Flynn's body or other more sexy thoughts away from Flynn. And Flynn only blushes or teases Jerry.

Flynn's falling for Jerry was inevitable, in my opinion. They were together 24/7. Their love for their cats was cute. Flynn was aware of everything Jerry thought about him, or what Jerry felt from him, and it was of course very flattering and sweet. Not to mention hot. (OMG, that scene where Flynn is in the bathroom while Jerry is taking a shower).

Their chemistry was sweet and slowly built. Their first kiss happens around 80% of the book. It has what it needs to be part of a series. I honestly hope the author decides to write a sequel. Their relationship was just starting, and Flynn's ability needs to be developed. And the case was left open.