Tutoring Lady Jane - Charlotte Featherstone

I liked this book more than I thought I would. The author is really good. She used elements that are not very original in a Historical Romance (a plump, plain Jane; a scandalous rake; the typical "I want to be your mistress to learn the acts of love" plot, etc) but she represented the characters so well. I could feel that they were in love, not the other way where the narrator tells us but there are no proof other than her word.

Because Jane asks Gavin to teach her how to be good in bed (basically), there are many steamy scenes. However, just like it happens in "Sinful", the scenes are more romantic and more sweet than hot (not like they are not hot, but they are more love-making than just lust). I like that Gavin was so crazy for Jane's "curves", and I have a soft spot for heroes who like to say the heroine's name constantly -and it is even better when she is Jane because it reminds me of Mr. Rochester saying it-.

It was short but oh, so well done. Like if it were any longer it would have been redundant. It has the perfect length.