Mallory and the Mystery Diary - Ann M. Martin

I am aware I am way too old to start reading the pending non-read BSC books, but I've been a huge fan of the series when I was younger, and the library at my school only had 1-28. Once I reached Nr. 28 I made a promise to read all of the rest once I were older and had money to purchase them.

So here I am, years and years after, reading Mallory's adventures. She has always been one of my least favorites (only 11-years-old and a baby-sitter?). But this volume was fun to read, to re-visit all the children and to re-read the introduction of all members of the club and how the club was formed, which takes AT LEAST, 10 pages (pages that I skipped, I know all of it by heart. I've re-read 1-28 twice O_O, no need to read again that Kristy has wonderful ideas and the Mary Anne has a boyfriend).