Her Hesitant Heart - Carla Kelly

Unbelievably I did not like this book so much. I did not hate it (it is Carla Kelly!) but it was a bit MEH. Maybe because I don't like Western Romances. I tend to avoid them (but it is Carla Kelly! I had to try it). Or maybe because I don't like heroes with mustaches, and the Major had one (after the first impression, I got rid of it in my mind). Or maybe because to me, Carla Kelly is a clean romance author, and this book is a bit steamy in my opinion.

The story is sweet, and it was nice that both Susanna and Joe met each other and found happiness together, after all their disgraces. Their past is depressing, but they are not depressing characters.

This is not her best book; well written, but if I had started with this one, I wouldn't have read the others. I do not recommend this to readers who are new with Carla Kelly; better start with their traditional regency romances, such as Reforming Lord Ragsdale, Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career or Summer Campaign.