A Rose is a Rose - Jet Mykles

Weak, considering that the author is Jet Mykles. Or maybe I just have read all her really good ones.

I couldn't warmed towards the characters. I know that they were nice, and that their story was sweet, but it was kind of MEH to be honest. Carson is a beautiful guy who works in a burlesque show. He has always been dependent from someone: his mother, then his lover Anthony. But once Anthony dumps him, he has nothing.

Enters Eddie, a nice gardener and owner of the building where Carson is living. Eddie literally feeds him. It was kind of being the kept man from one to another. Fine, Eddie cared for Carson, and Carson really liked him, but didn't he like Anthony at one point too? He even thought he was in love.

And I would have preferred if Eddie shaved his beard. When he gives Carson a blow-job but he could not swallow everything and some gets into his beard... yikes.

I don't really like hairy men...

When Carson decides to get back with Anthony and the luxurious life he could provide him (Eddie was not rich) I almost quit. Thankfully, nothing happens between them, and although Anthony could have forced Carson, he didn't.

On the other hand, I like GFY stories, and Eddie accepts almost immediately his attraction to Carson; he worships Carson and that was very sweet. Also, I love effeminate heroes, what can I say...