Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 11 - Masumi Matsumoto

Ouran's first sports festival.. but a very original one, just as expected from them. Tamaki is a sweetheart, and I am glad that Kyouya is aware of that, even if he acts like a cold-heart guy all the time.

The volume where the Hikaru realizes he is in love with Haruhi.. and not only that, but his twin as well. **sighs** why there has to be a love quadrangle? And with the twins, nonetheless. For Tamaki is OK, he is not aware of anything so he cannot consider the twins as rivals, but now we have Hikaru and Kaoru having their differences. So yes, brothers have to fight, is normal, but after 10 volumes of them all lovey-dovey, and that something like this to break them apart... **sighs**

I am not sure if the mangaka improved in her art, but now I think it is beautiful, and that the boys look handsome and Haruhi very pretty. Or maybe I just love Ouran so much.