Take - Ella Frank

Before I clicked the "Want to read" button, I did not read the blurb or even read the reviews. I was at work, and to read the blurb would have meant to have the cover in view of everyone. When I scrolled down, I almost fell down from my chair with all the provocative gifs reviewers used. If one of my co-workers may have seen them! If this were the cover of "Try", I would have never read it.

It is funny cuz when I finished Try, I kept thinking "how old are Logan and Tate?". And in this book they also wondered about it. Solved: Logan is 34 and Tate almost 30.

The book is good, but of course, it is not as good as the first one. The way Try ended (only a "to be continued" was missing) made it impossible to disregard the 2nd one in the series. Logan and Tate are as hot as in Try. They are still in "I-can't-my-hands-away-from-him" mode. They still have smoking-hot love-makings (yes, it is love-making now, not just hardcore sex). However, there are some aspects that make me be a bit "hmmph":

- More angsty: Tate's issues with his family on one hand, and Logan's fear for love, on the other. First is Tate. I loved that he was able to stood up in front of his family for Logan; but then, when he has doubts.... I get it, it is hard to change his whole life. But hurting Logan along the way? And then they finally put that problem away and it is Logan's turn, with his insecurities.

- I like Logan's family, I truly do. I liked when both of them go and have their Game Night. However, it was kind of corny all the couples so happy and in love. Ok, ok, it is nice that all of them love each other so much, but at the same time, it was kind of too-nice-to-be-real. Although I do envy Shelly a little bit, witnessing Logan's and Tate's make out session....

- The ex-es: both Logan's and Tate's. Both ex-es are beyond bitches, beyond evil. Why the hell seems like Diana is trying to get Tate's back if she is engaged to someone else? Or why the hell is she trying to make his life miserable if they were both unhappy when they were married? And then we have Logan's ex, Chris. Hmmph, Logan is introduced as a sexy, confident lawyer and then, we have him here, all vulnerable for something that ended years ago. But, no, wait. It did not end, because this damn Chris is showing up from nowhere, to create more drama and a 3rd book in the series.

- Logan and Tate spend more time missing work than actually working. I could not help imagining if I were Amelia...

- That cover, for Heaven's sake. Yes, yes, that scene in the book was but it is a very provocative cover, to say the least. O-M-G. Please, EF, demand a better cover for your book!

One of the things I love in Try is that they don't hide anything from each other. Each one says what is bothering him, what is exciting him. Here, because it is more angsty, they cannot express their thoughts. They have more doubts, they are more afraid.

I would be like this if I were one of them, truly

Overall, it was good. Last night I could barely put the book down, until I checked the time and realized only a few hours were away of having to wake up. And, to be honest, I did not expect much. It is a sequel, for Heaven's sake. But considering the "to-be-continued" ending (again), I think I should probably read the next one too.