Life in Outer Space - Melissa Keil

I love when I find myself with the desire to hug the book I’ve just read. And not only after I finished it, but also while I was reading it.

I admit that I wasn’t hooked in the first couple of pages. But once I got familiar with Sam, I fell in love. Specially with him. He is such a loser, but in the good way. A total “retard” (used as in term of endearment); or, as I learned in this book, a “knob”. I love that the book was written from his POV; his thoughts were hilarious to read. He is completely clueless, paranoid, and introvert. He is a real nerd; not only he is obsessed with gore movies, but he also likes to write scripts about it -killer cats, zombies-. His taste in horror movies is somewhat MEH, in my opinion, but it was so cute how passionate he was about them. And, of course, he also likes to play games (is WoW really that good, or is just a hyped videogame? I really need to play it someday).

I could relate to him in several aspects: YES to movies; NO to dance. YES to British accent, NO to the use of the term “LOL”. Maybe the best word to describe this book is kawaii. Seriously, I was giggling or grinning most of the times.

The story takes place in Australia, which I had no idea before picking the book. Sam has been living his life quietly and almost unnoticed (except for some bullies) with his 3 best friends; friends that are also very much likeable: gay Mike, weird Adrian and Japanophile Allison. Usually when I finish a book, I forget the names of the MC's friends, or I have a hard time to remember them. Not here. The reader has the chance to know each one of them; the 3 of them are relevant to the story.

Then, enters Camilla, new girl in town; daughter of a very popular journalist. She becomes popular since Day 1; she is everywhere and shares time with everyone. Including Sam’s group, who never goes to parties, never has lunch in the school cafeteria, etc. She befriends them and literally, turns Sam's life upside down. And the story gets all “ohhhh”, “awwww”, “hahaha”. Sam’s fights with his friends made their friendship more real, because they were over silly things or misunderstandings that, eventually, lead to the reconciliation. Sam and Camilla together was so awwwww. Camilla is certainly a lucky girl. According to her words, Sam looks a bit like Luke Skywalker in the first Star Wars movie… Even though I am not into blond guys, a geek Luke Skywalker? Oh yeah.

I loved the book even though it seemed it was going to end with Sam not getting his girl. But no worries, this book is cute from beginning to end (although it also has it serious moments), so of course it has it HEA.