The Rules  - Stacey Kade

I love this author. And not only because she wrote the superb trilogy of The Ghost and the Goth but because she can write from Her POV and His POV. Never I thought that Ariane's POV was more fun to read... or Zane's was more exciting.

Ariane is a kick-ass heroine, kinda like an X-Men. She tries to blend into society, without being noticed. Why? Because she is a hybrid: part alien, part human. She can read minds (if she concentrates) and she has telekinesis. Her adoptive father gave her some rules because some kind of powerful company, GTX, is after her. And for years she obeys every Rule. That is, until she witnesses her friend being bullied. Ariane can't stand Rachel, the popular, mean girl who does what she wants. Zane is part of her crew; however, he allies with Ariane to make Rachel stop. And in the process, they fall in love with each other.

I love that no one is a 2 dimensional character. Ariane's friend seems nice at the beginning, but in reality she is dim-witted and not a true friend. Rachel is the typical mean girl, but she is not a villain. Zane is sweet and I like that he knows Ariane is a strange looking girl, and that because of that, and her mysterious personality, he is attracted to her. I like Ariane's gloomy personality, she reminds me a little bit of Daria, the MTV character. And besides, she is a powerful heroine who can do whatever she wants with her mind.

So once I finished the book, I immediately went to Amazon to purchase the 2nd e-book but it is not available? WHY??