Try - Ella Frank

Oh. My. Goodness. This book was beyond incredible! I loved it, I loved it.

So I was looking for a smutty, romantic MM. A PWP, but also sweet. Is that much to ask? Yes, because there are some serious crap out there. But this one. This one. So hot. So smutty. And the best of all, it was also romantic and sweet.

Logan pursuing Tate . That sexual tension! Unbelievably mouth-watering. Tate is straight (is in the process of divorce), but that didn't make Logan stop being so pushy. Aww I love GFY romances; they are my favorite kind of MM romance. And when he finally has Tate... . It is sex after sex. Everywhere. Any time. They can't keep their hands away from each other (and their mouths... and their eyes... and their bodies). Both of them are always horny just thinking about the other. OMG, that phone sex was amazing. But what am I saying... all their moments together was simply mouth-watering.

I loved that it was from both POV, alternating, because we get to know exactly what each of them was thinking, their inner struggles; their craziness for each other.

There are so many "bests": both of them are very manly; both of them are very possessive; they actually talked if they were pissed, or jealous, or anything. They fight a lot, but they tell the other what the problem is (usually, a tiny misunderstanding, or some jealousy), and the make-up sex is totally worth it. OMG when Tate tells Logan he watched gay porn. Or their first kiss. Or Tate's first time topping. Or Tate's first time bottoming. If I had to say all the moments I liked I would have to copy the entire book.

And Tate is left-handed! I have a thing for left-handed guys... And the book is around 90% about them only. Awww I love it....

My pet peeve, however, happens at the very beginning. With the first line I was "Huh? WTH am I reading? Should I quit?" (thank Heavens I didn't). It starts with Logan screwing some girl in a plane. Not only it was extremely MEH that Logan was screwing some girl, but to introduce one of the heroes in a sex scene with someone else? Even if it was another man it would have been a turn-off. I hate to "meet" the hero like this; it is not necessary. Fine, we know he is a man-whore, but no need to describe that scene. And the voyeur was also a turn-off for me. I am a hopeless romantic I guess.

Other than that.. I can't wait to read the sequel!