Black Butler, Vol. 18 - Tomo Kimura, Yana Toboso

Chapter 83-84: yipeee!!, Sebastian fighting against Understaker. Meaning, knives and the death-scythe. The little secret is finally revealed, and it was creepy! I loved it, the secret society formed by these crazy prefects. So while the whole arc may not be among my favorites, the ending was really good. And it ends with Sebastian being awesome again, so…

Chapter 85: I absolutely loved this chapter. All good old characters are here: Agni, Soma, the house staff… and Sebastian's genius plan to advertize Funtom's new product was funny and clever. It was like re-reading the old chapters. Because the college arc feels somewhat like a bubble; everything is coming back to normal, having Ciel and Sebastian back home.

Chapter 86-87: Yipee! A new and very interesting arc. The whole team travels to German, to deal with a cursed forest, werewolves, a witch, a weird village… and Ciel struggling with his German! I love when he acts like a spoiled kid

Or I was missing KS madly, or this volume was really good. I laughed, I squealed like a fangirl, I even drooled a little bit. Only Grell was missing to make me the happiest fangirl ever. Anyway, I can't wait for the translation of the following volumes. Yana Toboso, you are the best