Some Kind of Magic - R. Cooper

I did something I don't normally do, and that is reading the 2nd book in the series before the 1st one. But both of them can be read as stand-alone, so that was fine.


It is very short (192 pages). It is more sweet than sexy, which I love to read. Cal is a half-fairy and Ray is a werewolf. Both of them work together in the Police department. They know each other for 2 years and are head over heels for each other. Cal does not hide his crush at all and constantly flirts with Ray. Ray, on the other hand, only growls at him and tries hard not to give in. Why? Because he knows Cal is his mate, but he also (thinks to) know that fairies do not commit for life.


Normally MM paranormal romances are about the alpha male trying to get into his mate's pants all the time, with plenty of smexy scenes, right? Not here. . Which is what makes this book so cute. Everyone at the Police department know there is a "thing" between them (they are even making bets!) And Cal shamelessly tries to win Ray over. While Ray, suffering mental and physically, tries not so surrender.


"A boy and his dragon", the 2nd installment of the series, is a favorite of mine. This one, "Some kind of magic", is good too, but not as good as the 2nd one (how odd). The difference in the writing is so obvious in both of them; the author (or the editor) improved a lot. I honestly think that the author should not stick to MM romances only; I think she should try the Fantasy genre as in general. She is really good (I added her in my livejournal, something I've never done with another author!). Just look at this title Ray mentions in some part of the story: "I’m Going To Get Fur Where?: A young Were’s guide to their changing body". Isn't that typical of JK Rowling?


The problem with this book is that it jumped from one thing to another and that, sometimes, it seemed like I was missing something. For example, the little episode Ray and Cal had 2 years ago at Ray's home. These flashbacks confused me as hell. Till the last page. Or exactly what Being was Penn? And.. I don't know, many other things I was frustrated because it was not described/explained. Or just the simply fact that Cal shared his short name with his father was a bit messy sometimes.


The responsible for all the murders was not really a surprise. It was kind of obvious actually, but because the book focuses more in the relationship between Ray and Cal, it barely matters.


So it was a good story, with likeable characters (I love that Cal eats sweets all the time.. isn't that sweet?) but it needs more polishing. Needless to say, I'll read her other works.


Recommended to people who like more "talky" romances than "physical" romances.