Remembrance - Michelle Madow

I've picked this book because I liked the cover (it suggested adventure, mystery, hidden identity) and because I thought time-travel was part of the story. Maybe I should have looked harder; the book is also inspired in a Taylor Swift's song. That alone should have been a warning.


TS is considered like a Goddess between teenagers, so the book is perfect for them. It has all the elements: love triangle (x2, to make it more dramatic), misunderstandings, hidden relationship, and all that you can find in a Latin soap opera.


Oh, and MC loooves Pride and Prejudice. **eye-roll** She likes to compare herself to Elizabeth Bennett; Drew to Mr. Darcy; her friend to Catherine, etc, etc. As if.


Lizzie is dating Jeremy (I had Dave Franco in mind as Jeremy, which was totally unconscious) for 3 years although she is already head over heels for the new guy, Drew. Uggghh, not again. Another teenager who cannot make her mind between two guys. Seriously? And she likes to think about him 24/7.


To make it worse, Lizzie loves to cry. All the time. She does not have a bit of backbone in her entire persona, and although she may be considered nice, she betrays her best friend. If someone says "jump", she'll do it. Because she is stupid and does not like confrontations.


Drew is, without a doubt, Edward Cullen's wannabe. New hot guy in school, wears leather jacket, gives Lizzie mixing signs (sometimes he is super nice to her, can't deny the chemistry between them; other times he is a bitch, telling her awful and hurtful things, like they cannot be together).


And there are also some Twilight scenes:


- Edward Drew and Bella Lizzie are in the car, their fingers meet when both of them try to turn on the heater; sparks between them.

- Edward Drew lends her his leather jacket when she is cold.

- They have their own song: A Minuet, contrary to Twilight's Claire de Lune.

- Drew's mixing signs; Lizzie being all confused (seems like he likes her; seems like he hates her), until he cannot deny his feelings anymore and stops trying to avoid her.

- Drew is super rich, and when he takes her to his house, she is in awe.


Chelsea is Lizzie's BFF and Jeremy her BF for 3 years. It may have been the author's intention to make them so nasty only because they are the third wheel in the MC relationship. Both of them are asses, and they are supposed to be her friends. Although Lizzie likes to sneak out to meet her BFF's BF; likes to dance secretively with him; likes to be unhappy for her BFF's confession of love for Drew.


I did not rate it lower because I liked the Reincarnation thing, which also was the only reason why Drew and Lizzie were in love. Or maybe because they also looked good. Cuz there isn't a moment in the entire book where Lizzie thinks "oh, I love him because he is brave/nice/smart/etc".


Needless to say, I won't bother with the rest of the series. It ended with, of course, a bit of a cliffhanger that does not appeal to me at all.