After Many Days: Tales of Time Passed - Rea Wilmshurst, L.M. Montgomery

Back to my beloved books.


This compilation of short stories have one thing in common: feelings that remain untouched over the years. The feeling could be love, hatred, revenge.. most of them are about love, that love that is loyal, sweet, almost innocent, just as expected in a LMM story. One of them, or maybe two, was recycled ("The Setness of Theodosia"), 2 of them were very similar, even in the title ("Robert Turner's Revenge" and "Mrs March's Revenge"), and I think one of them has it own episode on the TV series of Avonlea -I never had the chance to watch it; someway I will-.


Sweet stories, and the description of the setting, the flowers, the people, is a joy to read as always. It never gets old, she was a wonderful storyteller.