Pistols For Two - Georgette Heyer

I know that LMM and GH are two different authors that barely have things in common: one was inspired in little towns set in Canada, the other in Regency era set in Great Britain. But this book is certainly a "Kindred Spirit", and has a resemblance to the short stories I enjoy reading so much, written by LMM. All stories are wonderfully narrated; it was like reading a whole book and not just a short story. The characters were all likeable, and, as expected from GH, her heroes are the word in fashion: the best cravat, the shiniest Hessian boots; an agreeable Corinthian, a true Nonpareil.

This book was a real gem, because I did not know GH also wrote short stories (just eleven). I wished there were more, they were so good.

1. Pistols for two: two friends have a duel over a girl. Very funny, and I love duels! (4/5)

2. A clandestine affair: a young girl and a boy want to get married but their guardians are against it,  since both of them have a history that ended not well. Very sweet, with two proud and a bit resentful, ex-lovers. (4/5)

3. Bath Miss: a Corinthian is in charge to escort a lovely girl to Bath. In the way, they meet his fiancee. I loved this one, so typical GH. (4.5/5)

4. Pink domino: a brother who assists a Masquerade ball to protect his sister, only that there is a confusion and instead, he meets again the girl with the "sweetest face". Very cute too. (4/5)

5. A husband for Fanny: a young widow wants her daughter to marry the most charming bachelor, but said gentleman is more interested in the mother. One of my two least favorite, and the reason is that it turns a bit awkward that the suitor the mother is thinking is the best for her daughter ends marrying her instead. At least they are of the same age. (3/5)

6. To have the honour: a young man calls off his engagement to his cousin, for he does not want to burden her with his debts. Typical GH too, and the heroine is pretty sensible, which is always a plus. (4/5)

7. Night at the inn: a little adventure involving a couple of criminals and Bow Street. My 2nd least favorite. I did not see much appealing to this one. It needed more.. err, "ingredients". (3/5)

8. The duel: a lord returns home one night to find a girl, who tells him that she is trying to avoid a duel between her brother and the most despicable man. Another favorite. The Lord is typical GH hero, disagreeable in the eyes of the ton, but in reality, the nicest guy willing to help the heroine at any cost. (4.5/5)

9. Hazard: an engaged Marquis wins a girl over a bet. Next day, in an Inn, they meet his fiancée who is trying to elope. It has a sweet end. (4/5)

10. Snowdrift: a girl who races to Bath against her cousin, and in the way, meets a Nonpareil. Only that she does not know he is rich. (3.5/5)

11. Full moon: a Lord meets Tom, a young man, in an Inn, who tells him his cousin Annabella is trying to elope with him, to avoid a marriage with an old man, who turns out to be the Lord himself. (4/5)

So we have duels, elopements, confusions, nice male clothing.. Regency at it best condition, presented by the top of the top, GH.