Unearthly - Cynthia Hand

What A Pain... This book has been in my TBR shelf for almost a year. I may have read the prologue 3 times. The prologue is one page only -one paragraph- but I could not continue twice. Third time is the charm, so I did it. I finished it.


I could bet my Kindle, one of my most precious possessions, that 90% of the readers are under 16-years-old. Because this book has that cheesy romance that teenagers love to read. Actually, the GR friend that recommended this (and the 2nd and the 3rd book) to me is only 13-years-old. I don't refuse suggestions mostly, although in this case I will absolutely NOT read the following books.


The true title of this book should have been "Girl obsessed for two hotties". The story is: 1/5 of angels, 2/5 about Clara thinking/stalking/talking about/to Christian and 2/5 about Clara thinking/stalking/talking about/to Tucker. The tiny bits that were about the angel thing (mostly when Angela was in the scene) was interesting. Except for that vision, which was over, and over, and over again. So boring ZZZZzzzzz.


And Clara... that typical girl who is so nice, so perfect.... Some authors try so hard to make their heroines so modest.. "My eyes are too big for my face..", "I am so tall and thin...", "my skin is so pale..." . Doesn't that sound quite the contrary??


My suggestion if I were the editor would have been: Eliminate Clara and Christian and Tucker. If I have to be honest, the book was not terrible, as "Hush, hush" or "Splintered". But it was so tedious...