A Case of Possession - K.J. Charles

Is it me, or the Stephen on the cover looks super cute?


I may change my thoughts and round it to 4 stars. The book is short, and even more when you are enjoying it. Like it happened in the first one (the part with the hair out of Lucien's mouth), this book also has it terrifying moments. Rats, gigantic rats! The murder of some people, a man possessed by a dead Chinese guy.. all of these delighted me.


Also, the introduction of important characters, like Esther Gold and the rest of his Practitioner team. There is a moment in the story where the team is fighting shoulder against shoulder, and I had my beloved Order of the Phoenix in mind (HP #5, when Sirius dies ) So they better be in the next book, and they better have awesome battles too!


Lucien and Stephen were so cute together! It was so nice to have Lucien all insecure and needy for Stephen. And there is a huuuge step forward in their relationship


I had a little issue, though, which is entirely my own fault. I've read this book yesterday at night but finished it today. It may be due my ADHD, but when I restarted my reading today, I was , who was this again? Cryer... Town... If it were a paper-book, fine. But it is a e-book, and it is harder (and more painful) to go backwards and try to find out who were these characters.


I am buying the 3rd one as, NOW.




***** whaaaat? Just now I read that the next book is not released yet. RAWWR, the pain to wait for the release!