More Than Jamie Baker - Kelly Oram

I am so pissed right now, I can't even think straight right to write this review. We are talking about Jamie Baker here, the heroine I had - I admit - a kind of a crush on. She was such a kick-ass in the first book, her attitude was pure rock and she has the most adorable boyfriend.


It was a solid 3 stars for about 90% of the book, mostly because when she displays her power is awwwwesome. There are not a lot of times, but when she is Chelsea's Angel even I go all geeky. No wonder Ryan is so crazy about this girl.


But where did the "Ice Queen" facade go? She is literally crying for about half of the book. No, better said, the entire book is a "roller-coaster of emotions" **eye-rolls**. Everybody is so emotional in here: Mike, Becky, Jamie's parents, Ryan... ugh, it was disgusting. And I am not even going to that "proposal"....


**taking deep breath**


Hell not. I am. WTH with getting engaged at 19? And planning to get married in Las Vegas, nonetheless. That was it. That was where my love for Jamie and Ryan was, pufff!... gone. Their love and all the PDA was too cheesy to handle.


And here I was, thinking that the scary "love triangle" was going to be the failure of this book. As if. So OK, Teddy was a cute, geek, dimpled (!) boy who was a bit of a stalker too. Nothing that Jamie could not handle.


Till we get to that end.


That pathetic end.


I guess I had to much faith in this author. I thought she was awesome.


Goodbye, Mrs Kelly Oram. It was nice to meet you, but so many disappointing books after the awesomeness of "Being Jamie Baker" is a no-no.