Invisible - Jeanne Bannon

Luckily it was short, because it was painful to read this. Besides being short (186 pages) and free, the only good thing about this book was Charlie, the BFF. I liked her attitude.


On the other hand, Lola was a PITA. I get easily annoyed with girls with low self-esteem, who don't do anything to change it and get hurt just like that. Her gift of becoming literally invisible is not very well done; the author did not take advantage of this power AT ALL. Jon, the main love interest, was as annoying as Lola. They deserved each other: her for confessing her secret only because she has a crush on him (they barely talked before Jon discovers her secret) and him for telling her secret to others just to protect Lola and her friend.


I cringed with words/phrases like "whaddaya..", "outta..", "shoulda seen..". "woulda..". They are a lot along the book.


The end was pathetic. Supposedly Lola was regretting everything she did to Nino, the bully. But she ends her story telling the reader what happened to him and that she was glad he was doing bad. And that's it, that was the moral of the story?