Lady with a Black Umbrella - Mary Balogh

If I did not know Mary Balogh was the author, I would have never guessed this was her book. It is not her style, and the MC was different. It is more a comedy romance. I give it a star for that.


Let's start with Daisy, the MC. I disliked her immensely, from her namesake to her personality. I did not even have a good first impression. She saves Giles from a band of thugs and, after he left, she pays his debts at the inn, including his game debts and his whore. Afterwards we learn it is so he is in debt with her and help her and her younger sister, to have a Season in London. But the deed was done.


Once in London, she behaves like a stupid girl. Oh right, this is the way heroines behave when they are "independent", "strong", etc. **eye-roll** She is impulsive, just... and all her actions lead to embarrassment for her and Giles. I know, these kind of actions make the hero realize "he will never be bored", that "she is one of a kind", but come on!


What is worst than a girl who thinks she knows everything? Cuz Daisy thinks she is always right, and that she does not need help from anyone (and of course she does.. once in big danger, who is going to save her? The hero, of course). Riiiight, she is very independent, so obviously she will never ask help from anyone, putting her life in risk, and once saved, having the nerve to say "I was perfectly well on my own".


No, worst that that, it maybe a girl who thinks she is worldly woman (but behaving like a silly one all the freaking time). It was extremely annoying to read "I am an aging spinster, at 25-years-old", all the time. Seriously, she points this out like 1500 times in the entire book. Yes, I've read Regencies where the heroine is already considered an "old maid" at 25, but to say it so many times all through the book!


Giles was not any better, so