Wake Me Up Inside - Cardeno C.

Some reviews I've read recommend this book to people who like Mary Calmes. I disagree. The only thing in common is, of course, that it is a MM paranormal, an Alpha who mates an uncommon guy; and that's it.


I liked the fact that Jonah and Zev know each other since they were babies. Not only they are the best of friends since children, but Jonah also likes the wolf without knowing it is actually Zev. Another original point is that they remain virgins until they are 30-years-old. I mean, once they admit their feelings for each other they become steady but there is no intercourse. At first, it is because Zev does not even know men can (at 18, go figure). Once he knows the mechanics, he decides to wait because one they do, their separation would be too painful to bare, and Jonah is away studying to be a doctor, and Zev is at home learning how to be a leader.


Their relationship is more sweet than hot. They do not act like a dom and a sub; there are no "you are mine, rawwwr" moments, they are the best of friends, and when Zev tells Jonah the truth, that he is a shifter, there are no fights or "why didn't you tell me, I can't trust you anymore" scenes.


But a big turn off is how the book is written. It starts with 30-year-old Zev, being pressured by his family to find his mate. He has flashbacks for 50% of the book, all of them from his POV and all about him and Jonah. The book needs more edition, it was like reading a fanfiction. Problems get solved too quickly, like the mentioned above, when Zev tells Jonah he is a shifter. Or Jonah's true identity. Or Lori.


There are several characters that I guess will be more important in the 2nd book, like the vampire and his shifter mate, but their introductions were fast and almost without any sense. Both MC personalities were not very well developed; in honesty, I did not care for them. And not because the author is telling me every once in a while that Zev is a powerful Alpha makes me believe it. I did not feel it, because he does not have a chance to prove it in the entire book.