His Lordship's Mistress - Joan Wolf

I have no intentions in getting married.


Now, where did I read this before? **facepalm**, uhm, maybe in 90% of all Regency Romance books???


**deep breath** Ok, I am not really upset about this overused phrase; it is just that sometimes, sometimes, I want my Clean Regencies to be a little more original.


I liked the plot -although predictable- and I liked the characters a little bit. I did not fell in love with them, but they had their sweet moments. And their love was not corny or anything. The biggest problem here was the pacing of the story.


It starts with Jessica in bankrupt, and she has to provide for his 2 little brothers and for their home (they are orphans). All her concerns and back history is narrated in a couple of pages. There is also a disgusting man who is after her because of her property.


Then, in the 2nd chapter, "1 year has passed by". Still same problems, and because Jess does not want to marry this disgusting man, she decides to become someone's mistress. She goes to London, gets a job as an actress and becomes famous, all these in around 2 pages.


Enters Phillip, an Earl who is single and rich. He meets Jessica, decides to make her his mistress, dine together a couple of time and then, she accepts the offer. All these in around, 3 pages.


It is like the author was not inspired to write some chapters, and others, the pace was well done. As usually, there is a kidnapping and a duel, two big events in a Regency. Uhm, these 2 "big events" start and finish in ONE page, just like that.


At least I am thankful that, despite not being entirely clean, it was not explicit either.