Jinx - Meg Cabot

I am surprised that this book was slightly dark-ish, if we compare it to Meg Cabot's other books (romantic comedies). Maybe that is why I liked it more than I should.


The MC, Jinx, is somewhat cartoonish.. to describe her better, she is very much like a shoujo manga character. Too nice, too oblivious, too clumsy, too naive. Manga readers probably know what I am talking about.


Of course, all of it has a reason. She is nice because she is a preacher's daughter. She is naive because she "is a country girl". She is clumsy because she has been "jinxed" from the moment she was born. Her romantic interest, Zach is the perfect, handsome, super nice, popular, rich, patient (etc, etc) guy ever, and he shows in every action he is interested in her; however, Jean is so scatterbrained, she thinks he is in love with someone else.


Her cousin, super popular, super beautiful, rich (etc, etc.) Tory is also super mean. Because both girls are the descendant of a powerful witch, Tory is certain she is the most powerful and she is not afraid to use her magic. And she is literally a psycho. It is not magic per-se, more like the use of spells. Jean is supposed to be the true heir, but she does not take advantage of it. She was kind of bland, to be honest.


Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book a lot. It was fun, and since I am planning to visit NYC in a near future, and the plot takes place in NY, it was more interesting. It was almost possible to ignore the pretty-pain-in-the-ass MC and the so-so writing of the author (I am a fan of her, but even I can tell she is not exactly an excellent writer, with the over-use of words like "well", "mean" -as in verb-).