The Long Masquerade - Madeleine Brent

I purchased this book with the cover where Emma/Casey and Daniel are on the ship, mainly because I don't like books where the covers are deceitful. The other cover is pretty much like a Harlequin romance, which is far from it. What I like about this Gothic books (written by MB, VH..) is that the plot takes place in exotic places. Here is in the Caribbean, besides England.

I was not prepared for the abuse though. It is a PG rated book, so there is nothing described, but that does not make what Emma goes thru less horrible. She marries a beast who abuses her physical, sexual and mentally. She manages to escape after thinking her husband died, along with a man she loves as a father. I enjoyed her adventures as a coolie sailor girl. Once she is back to England things slowed down a bit. Maybe it was because I did not like Sam, the man who rescues her.

This may be the first time the physical aspect of the book may influence my like/dislike of the story:

If you want to buy this book, please avoid the Souvenir Press Edition! This is the ugliest book I have in my personal library. Or that I ever had in my hands. The material is cheap, looks like a school textbook. The paper is the kind it is used in offices, the ink shines under the light, the margin may be 3cm top (1.18 inches?) and 3cm bottom and the text itself is tiny and squeezed together. On the top of that, there are a lot of stains and some orthographic mistakes. When I was immersed in the book it was almost fine, but every time I had to restart I had the temptation to burn it. It is the cheapest looking book, although the price is not cheap.

DON'T BUY THIS EDITION! But read the book ;)