Strawberries and the Beast - April Moone

oh lalala, this was extremely yummy.


The story is narrated from both POV; Keigo's and Masaki's (I love the name Masaki ) Keigo is nice and is considered as a slut boy -although he really isn't- and Masaki is a bad boy who has a girlfriend and likes to get into fights. Their friendship starts slowly but steady; normally just eating lunch together in silence. When Keigo, who is interested in Masaki, gets the courage to offer him a blow-job, Masaki is all "sure, ok, if you want it". When Keigo dares to kiss him, Masaki is all "sure, ok, I don't mind". The typical behavior of a straight guy who is not bothered to experiment with other guys, because "that doesn't make him gay". The problem is his virgin girlfriend, who is not ready to sleep with him, so he is horny.


Keigo's secret, though, is pretty dark. He is the boy toy of a sadist professor, Kaname. I honestly could not read his many times with Kaname; it was disturbing how sexually abused he was, confusing his submission with love. Worst thing is that Kaname gets away from his crime easily. His sister, his fiance... they are not even scandalized or disgusted for what he did. Ass Masaki turns his back away every time Kaname shows up; he does not listen to Keigo's silent begs to help him.


Taking Kaname aside from the story, Keigo and Masaki together was a bliss to read. Their chemistry is hot, their friendship is sweet. There are many sex scenes, and each one of them was smoking hot and cute at the same time. True, it made me laugh that they could do it around 6 times straight (poor Keigo! how could he even walk the next day is a mystery).


I love yaoi novels