Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison

Another case of "it is not you, it's me". Looks like I am not a fan of smutty paranormal books. Clarification: smutty MF paranormal.


All the following points made me kind of like this:


- Alpha male + stubborn female.

- Instant sexual attraction, female is "different" and male is "interested".

- Hero with a obvious name (Dragos **roll-eye**), mega powerful who lived for a million years, with a strong entourage.

- If someone touches just one hair of the heroine, hero turns into a super caveman, willing to kill anyone, does not matter if it is one of his closest friends. Only heroine can calm him down.

- Hero is obsessed with her hair and her scent. Which leads to steamy scenes.

- Heroine is actually a rare, magical, beautiful creature, so everyone wants to kidnap/kill her.

- She ends up pregnant after only 1 month of knowing each other (unintentionally, of course).


The funny thing is that, if we replace all the she/heroine/her for another he/sub hero/him, or to be more precise, if Pia was, let's say, Pierre, the story would have been , I think.


So no more MF smutty paranormal books if I can help it. I am a converted to MM paranormal, for better or for worse.