Death by Silver - Amy Griswold, Melissa Scott

This book has all the elements to be part of a saga, and surprisingly, it is not. I have a weakness for plot taking place in Victorian London. Everything seems nicer -in a creepier way-, more mysterious, darker. And it is also steampunk. Both main characters, Julian and Ned, are kind of Sherlock-ish, if that may be a word to describe their professions. Childhood friends turned into lovers, working along to solve mysteries and crime.


There are several things that are attractive to the eye: a clever secretary, metaphysics (which is kinda like magic and alchemy, maybe), a dangerous plant. More explanation about metaphysics would have been nice. More involvement of Mrs Frost would have been nicer. What was the role of the plant? I want to read more adventures of both of them including Mr Lennox (what was his story?), Bolster, etc.


The book is not explicit but not completely clean either. It would have been better if it was one of them. Hints here, hints there.. descriptions please! It is subtle


The mystery was well narrated although it was kind of obvious who was the murderer. And I don't know if I should be happy for them or the opposite, to help an ex-bully from school. The ex-bully was really mean, he made their lives impossible at school. One moment Ned is willing to help him despite their history together, and towards the end it is hard for him to just visit him. This is of course, once we know what he went thru.


It was an enjoyable book, just like it is reading any Sir Arthur C. Doyle book. Nothing WOW, out of this world, but I liked it and the authors have my back if they want to make this into a series.