Honored Vow  - Mary Calmes

Before starting my review, I have to say that this is one of the most beautiful cover I've ever seen. In fact, I had to create a new shelf in my Goodreads shelf only for this. Dreamspinnerpress has always the most awful covers; but each book of this series has a very beautiful one.. and this one is the best of them.


The most stunning cover.. the worst volume in the series. Even though I think deep, deep down that it is really a "just OK" book, I can bring myself to rate it less than 3 stars. I can't. Maybe I will in the future, when my mind clears up a bit.


Things that bothered me in the 2nd book bothered me TWICE here. First, the numerous names and ranks. To comprehend better the story, the reader needs to be in the mood to make a diagram with all the characters and their respective position in the tribe. I was not in the mood. And it did not help I've read it in e-book format; at the beginning of the book there is a glossary with the meaning of each word, which is useful when you have the paper book; when it is an e-book, it does not make a lot of sense.


The beginning of the book is already a disaster. How could the writer have done that to Crane!?


The main event that takes place in Egypt again is barbaric and again, senseless (or again, I did not understand a word). There is another reah, a new one besides Jin, but while Jin is treated as a deity, no one gives a damn about her. I mean, to get rid of her just like that! Aren't reahs supposed to be a damn treasure!!?


Yuri and Domin... while I was grateful that Koren did not mated Yuri (sorry, but poor Peter Church! To have two gays sons... not only the leader, but the heir too??), I liked them together. Yuri is one I like best in this series. Domin is likeable to, but this couple out of nowhere?? I was like, WTH, did I miss something previously, or is the author just creating this love just like that?


Ugh, and that Logan decided that they are ready to be parents... I am sorry, but I am still not comfortable with their surrogate idea. Please, it does not make any sense!

And my biggest issue... that is Jin, ladies and gentlemen. Of course I still like him being reah, with Logan, blah, blah, blah. But he is tiresome. I cringe when I have to use this expression, but is a damn Gary Stu. He worries too much, he cries too much. Lord, he was a crybaby the whole damn book. "My vision blurred.. my eyes were full of tears", blah, blah. And worst of all, he needed or either his mate to calm him, or his beset. If no one of them was close, he was restless, he could not think, he became a monster, etc, etc.


Seriously, the number of times he says "mate"...


A little surprise was Logan as bottom. Weird, but refreshing.


And this is totally out of context, but I can't stand a guy with hair that long! Above the shoulders it is excellent, but below the waist? Please Jin, cut your damn hair.


...Although.. if he looks like this.. it is all forgiven..



There is only one more book to go. Which I feel like it is an obligation to finish. I got to number 3, what is one more to read? Except that it is a burden... If they have a baby **shudders**


But if I stop now and read it eventually... I certainly will not remember any name. It is now or never.