Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy Book 1) - Sarah Rees Brennan

The book starts a bit slow, kind of MEH, then it gets interesting, then it ends again MEH. I have to thank that it is not written in first-person at least, as so many YA books are. There are some things that I liked and more than I did not like.


What I really liked:

- The setting. It takes place in a little town in England, so there is a lot of green as well as dark places. The atmosphere is a bit Gothic, it rains or it is always dark.


What I liked:


- When there is a battle, it is not teenagers only. There are adults too. I think that is an improvement in a YA book, where only teenagers fight, where adults are almost non-existent.


- Not only Kami has Jared, but she also has Angela and Holly. I liked that it was a team, not a duet only. She may doubt them in a moment, but they are there to support her in her investigations and they also know her secret.


- Kami being half English, half Japanese. It looks like Japanese is very in in YA books, but I can't complain, being a fan myself of everything Japanese-related.


- The mind-reading: when I read the summary, I had a total different idea of what it really is about. I like that Kami and Jared have talked to each other mentally since they were born, that it is natural for them to have the other in his/her mind, but at the same time, that they are able to build walls when it is necessary.


- Angela's sexual orientation: it was kind of obvious really. But I liked it because it adds a different aspect to a YA book.


What I did not like:


- The love-triangle: luckily it is not important, or that Kami is not undecided with whom she is in love with, but to have 2 cousins interested on the same girl is tiresome. And both look alike. And both are good looking. And new in town. And powerful. I think it was totally unnecessary to have Ash liking Kami; it does not add anything (at least, not yet) to the story, and it seems like it was kind of forced for him to like her; it did not feel natural.


- Jared: he is too emo, too dependent of Kami. It was like he was the girl in the relationship. He did not want to even listen to the idea of them without that link, or of Kami with Ash. But when he had the chance, he would not even touch her. His attitude of "hot and cold" was tiresome. And I would not even go to his looks (bad-boy looks) or his tempestuous relationship with his mother or his past.


- The last 50 pages or so. It was getting kind of boring, and I only wished to end it.


- The end: I hate this kind of end, the cliffhanger, the "what will happen now" kind of feeling. I hate when writers decide to end like this so readers will be forced to read the next one. In my case, when I reached the last word, I was with a "whatever" attitude.