The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Nagaru Tanigawa

It was a very bad idea to read The Melancholy in novel format. I am sure the manga version (and I guess the anime too) is far more engaging than the novel.


Lost in translation.


Either that, or Kyon, the guy who narrates the story, is one of the most irritating POV I've ever read. So let's say it is 50% fault of the translation, and 50% of the narration.


Sometimes it is narrated in present tense, and immediately then, in past tense. And maybe this was my edition only, but when Kyon was, I don't know, complaining, I thought it was his thought only. But wrong, he was saying them out loud, but how could I know? There was no dash (-) nor quotation marks ("") to suggest that he was talking out loud.


He was also the most boring character ever. His POV of all the other characters (Haruhi, Asahina, Nagato) made them weird and annoying. Is this an Harem manga? Cuz his horny thoughts and attitude indicated that. All he does he complain mentally or drool over Asahina. I hate to say this because I've learned that the expression is incorrect, but honestly, he did not have any personality.I was tempted to rate it 1 star only, but if I ignore his voice and try to see beyond that, the story was good.


I may read the first volume of the manga to check if my assumptions (about translation + narration) are wrong. It has to be that, because the manga is very popular.