House of Tombs - Caroline Farr

MEH. I thought I found a hidden gem when I purchased this second-hand little book. There are no reviews of this book anywhere I looked, and the cover suggested a delicious Gothic story.


The setting is perfect: a little island, a mansion, where Denise goes to work as a secretary of a famous archeologist. Tombs and mummies involved, but barely. A dark and mysterious past, a murder, insanity, etc. But the characters were very bland. Denise is so passive is almost boring. All she does in the story is run (just like in the cover). And if she doesn't run, she stays passive, waiting for death.


Almost at the beginning she finds out she is a relative of the Professor. I don't understand why the writer felt the need to add this fact, because it does not change anything (and it was kept in secret... why? I wonder). The reason why she was in danger makes no sense.


The writer, Caroline Farr, is a pen-name of a male author, same as Madeleine Brent. But this was MEH, unlike Mrs. Brent.