A Garland for Girls (World Classics) - Louisa May Alcott

There was a time when I thought LM Alcott was the best writer in the world and nothing she wrote could be bad. Now, as an older reader, I still think that she was awesome. I still love her style of writing. It was sweet and simple and so her. All these stories have 2 things in common: flowers and humble background of the characters.


- May Flowers: this is my favorite. A reading group of girls who want to do some charity. They gather to tell her own story, her own act of charity. 5 stars.


- An ivy spray and ladies' sleepers: 2 poor sisters, one invalid and the other one a ballerina. This one I remembered vaguely. 3 stars.


- Pansies: 3 young girls who are spending some days as guest in a widow's mansion. The old widow gives advice to the girls about literature, which I think is honest. 4 stars.


- Water-lilies: ahh another one I remembered so vividly. It was like I've read this one days ago. A poor girl who lives in an island and establishes friendship with several rich people. It has a bit of sweet romance. 4 stars.


- Poppies and wheat: 2 girls who travel as companions of an old childless couple; one is rich, the other poor. The rich girl is spoiled and acts without thinking; the humble girl is sensible. 3 stars.


- Little Button-Rose: I am not sure but I think this one was one of my favorites when I was younger. The garden, the aunts, the neighbor, the little girl... I have the vivid images of all of them in my head. Today, I did not like this one so much. I think the little girl, while trying to be an adorable character, was spoiled and conceited. Then, when I was picturing Shirley Temple as Rosamund, I would think that maybe she was a sweetheart. 3 stars.


- Mountain-Laurel and Maiden-Hair: again 2 girls, one humble, born in the mountains, and the other rich and spoiled, born in the city. Both of them become friends and share their love for poetry. 3 stars.


The first time I've read this was about 15 years ago (!). Some of the stories are still fresh in my mind after all these years.