Japanese Fairy Tales - Yei Theodora Ozaki

When I found this website of public domain where people can download audiobooks, I was excited. My listening is terrible, so I need to practice more, and what better than listening to audiobooks? So I did listen, but only 4 chapters. My excitement did not last long; one of my flaws is that I cannot pay 100% attention when I am listening to anyone, my mind wanders quickly.


So I decided to continue reading the book, considering that the audiobook was not working for me. I know people who read the stories were volunteers, but there were a couple who made the story so boring. It was even harder for me.


Some stories were nice. Some were interesting. The problem I found is that most of them have the same theme: revenge. As in, it starts with 2 friends/lovers/siblings who have a bond, but it turns out one of them is always jealous of the other. Some stories where bloody, some kind of predictable.