A Posse of Princesses - Sherwood Smith

I finally read a book from this author (I have several in my TBR shelf). I liked this one although it does not have as much magic as I was hoping. But it was entertaining nonetheless. The first half is like a YA college book: a bunch of princesses (normal girls) who travel to a kingdom (college) to meet princes and potential husbands (normal boys). They spend the days socializing with meals, balls, games. There is a beautiful Princess who has a lot of admirers but who is also mean (the cheerleader), girls who don't get along with other boys, flirts and people who disguise their true identity.


Not a lot of fantasy in the first half, but their day-to-day activities (and taking place in medieval time) was a lot of fun.


In the 2nd half is where the adventure begins. Too bad is too short. And it is the girls -the princesses- who have the adventure. There is a bit of magic involved, as well as kidnapping, but nothing too outstanding.


I liked the Queen's order regarding Lios and Rhis. It was a nice and practical idea. So I did like the epilogue (if my mind is not wrong, I think other readers complained a bit about it) ... and Jarvas and Taniva -whom I was rooting for since almost the beginning.