Twilight - Meg Cabot

For most of the book, this has been a 2 stars story only. I was almost hating it, I was regretting the wish to finish the series. Suze started to irritated me, and Paul... Little things that does not bother me too much in a Meg Cabot's book, such as the overuse of "I mean.." was extremely annoying here. This tells me that I can ignore some things when I like the book/author. But when I don't, everything is a bothersome.


"He was right. Father Dom, I mean".

"But I did not want to. Go there, I mean".


Etc, etc. Every page has the awful I MEAN... I am not kidding.


Anyway, at least the end was good. What I feared it would happen.. it does not. I thank Meg Cabot for not disappointing me in that aspect. Which makes me restrain for giving the book a 2 stars. 3 would be too much, so 2 and a star will do.