Shadowplay - Laura Lam

Mmmm first time (after the Harry Potter saga) where I have to wait for the next book to come out. Because, yes, I will read the 3rd -and hope, last one- book of the saga. I did not fall in love with the story or with the characters, but I must confess the plot is very interesting and entertaining. And I get the feeling that the author really likes her characters and the world she created - unlike other authors who seem who write books only for fame, ego or whatever.-


A huge point in favor, is that it is not predictable. Things keep happening, which can be bothersome at times. Drystan and Micah/Gene/Sam (so many alias!) are running away after the last unfortunate incident. They hide in the house of a former Drystan's friend, a magician named Maske. Together, along with a new girl, Cyan (who looks like a gypsy) form a new alliance to perform and make illusions.


The illusions are very interesting and a nice change from the circus (although I prefer the circus). The Shadow is still after Micah. A kind of revolution is taking place in the city. Maske's old rival is trying to banish Maske for life, so they have a challenge. Micah is still mourning Aenea. And mistrusting Cyan. And getting a lot of visions. And falling for Drystan. And meeting the doctor who gave Micah to her/his parents.


Drystan was more interesting in the first book, mainly because he was more mysterious. His past made him not-so-interesting anymore. Sorry Drystan. But I like his relationship with Micah, and I would have loved if there was more than what we have here.


I also like that in this book I don't see Micah as girl sometimes or as boy other times. Which is the whole point. In the first book I saw Micah just as a tomboy girl, insecure of her/his gender. But now Micah is more comfortable in her/his own skin; Micah likes to wear boy's clothes but can also decide to wear a dress and comb her/his hair.


What I found contradictory is that Micah may curse and say f** off, but could not say "erection" or "period"? Really...


And I do tend to lose patience when authors write a "little story" at the beginning of each chapter. Some of the them are boring, others are important for the story, and others don't make any sense. The 3 kinds are in this book.


As much I as wanted to like Anisa, she annoyed me more than anything, with all her apparitions and her habit to talk in riddles. On the other hand, I liked Maske (who is introduced as a mysterious guy at the beginning, but who in reality is just a man obsessed on magic) and Cyan, with her own secrets, which are very, very interesting.


Despite the 3 stars rating only, I did like this book a lot (heck, I finished it in a day). And I want to read the end of this story NOW, but I will have to wait