Change of Heart - Mary Calmes

I wish I weren't so picky when it comes to rate 5 stars. Because I loved this book. This shows how different are the skills from one author to another. I mean, we have some things that are so used, like the alpha male with his "you-are-mine" attitude that annoys the hell out of me (I am looking at you, JR Ward). But -in this is huge BUT- things are different in this book.


I will point out all the factors that captivated me **takes a deep breath**:


- a very interesting plot: a world of shape-shifter (felines-shifter). There are tribes, and each tribe has its own "semel", which is some kind of strong leader. Each semel has to have his own "reah", like a ying to its yang, only that reahs are very, very rare. While the semel is the one who leads his tribe, the reah compliments him and has its own abilities. Our MC, Jin (that name.... why!) has been exiled from his tribe because, according to his family, he is an abomination. Why? He is both gay and a reah. A reah is some kind of myth; it is that rare, but a male reah has never been heard of. His BFF, Crane, left the tribe to be with him. They have been moving around so no one get to know his true identity. Jin does not want to meet his semel; he knows that once he is mated to his true love, he will lose his freedom.


Until one night Jin reveals he is a reah. A couple of semels and their followers try to get him. But neither of the semels is the one -although they try. Each person -male and female- are gorgeous, so there is that "manga" feeling. Then he meets Logan and it is when things get very interesting.

(I am lying... things were already interesting the moment the book started. Why, it starts with a battle between shifters already.)


-- the characters: and I am not talking only about the 2 main guys. I will start with Jin. He is very powerful, skillful, fast, independent. Everyone likes him. When shifters know he is a reah, everyone is in awe. He is special. He is like a God (or Goddess). Not even his enemies can hate him. When Jin is in danger, he gets away easily. He does not need anyone to save him. Aaaaand, he is a panther-shifter. A super-fast, incredible shifter who knows all the rules.Then is Logan, the semel and his mate. When they meet.. awww. Yes, he is possessive, and gets jealous for almost no reason, but... BUT... he is gentle, he does not act like a silly, lusty caveman (because Jin would not let him), he stays firm in his decision to mate Jin in spite of the opposition some members of his family and he can't be away from Jin. There is a GFY kind of feeling, BUT... he never doubts his destiny, he never questions his feelings, he accepts Jin since the moment they meet. And they are so crazy for each other is beyond awww. Everyone is likeable in Jin's new tribe. And Crane is the best companion and friend ever.


- the love scenes: Logan is part Russian, and Jin half Japanese. Enough said.


But honestly speaking, it was very hot because a) they were crazy for each other, b) they tended to shift in the middle of their lovemaking (a first-time for both of them), and c) Logan may be new in having sex with a man, but it never shows his "inexperience". Towards the end there is the predictable "we-should-not-be-together", but... but it is a bit different. Half of me was on Jin's side (Logan should have known better!) but the other part was on Logan's side (Jin should have known that feeling of losing the most important person in his life!). On one hand, it was a bit annoying (get together already!) but on the other hand, it was also to show Logan to treat Jin as his equal when it comes to ability.


I have to confess I am attracted to this kind of covers; not the real-life guys. And this one is


As soon as I finished the book, I wanted to re-read it. I want book nr. 2 NOW. I want to read more about Jin and Logan, and the other 2 that are hitting on each other (I don't remember their names, arghh!! My eyes were for Jin and Logan only).