Social Suicide (Deadly Cool) - Gemma Halliday

This is a very unrealistic YA book, but so what? It is a lot of fun to read. When I say it is unrealistic, I refer to how people react to A) death, B) attempts of death, C) any kind of danger. I mean, we have a popular student girl who gets murdered and people get on with their lives as normal. Or when someone tried to kill Hartley and her mother was worried that first night and then Hart is grounded and that´s it. Or when Nicky was almost murdered and students were all gossiping about it the next day but that´s it.


One of the reasons I like this book so much. It doesn't take things too seriously. And even though Hartley knows she is getting into something dangerous, she is willing to do it to caught the criminal. Her sidekicks Sam (BFF), Kyle (BFF'S BF) and Chase are the same.


And Chase... please, could you stop being such a tease! Their chemistry is so much fun to read. I was embarrased for Hartley the times she gets so dressed up for nothing. HIlarious but embarrasing.


Can't wait to read next book (which is not released yet!)