Godchild, Vol. 1 (v. 1) - Kaori Yuki

I had been attracted some time ago to this manga, but every time I decided to read it, the artwork repelled me to. This kind of art does not appeal to me.


However, the plot is definitely my kind of reading. Dark, each chapter a different, creepy case. In fact, it reminded me in several aspects of Kuroshitsuji:


- Setting: British, Victorian period.

- Handsome and rich young master, with a knowledge in something dark (Cain is a kind of expert in drugs and poisons).

- Handsome butler, although this Riff seems nice (contrary to Sebas-chan)

- Beautiful, doll-like girl who loved MC dearly (in this case, Merryweather is the little sister, unlike Elizabeth).

- Creepy cases where our MC is involved.


I read somewhere that this is a sequel; however, this is the first time I am reading this manga. If it turns out to be really good, I may read the other series. So far, I am liking it. And the artwork does not bother me much.


It is categorized as shoujo, but to me, is shounen-ai.