It's a Mall World After All - Janette Rallison

This is what a YA book should be about. This is what I am looking for in a YA book: to be funny, with a likeable MC, light moments, some romance.


I liked Charlotte a lot, her sense of humor, her grudge against people who were mean to her in the past... I mean, I can relate in that field pretty well. And she was right all along, so that makes her even better. I even like her clumsiness because it did not feel forced (so many YA authors like to make their MC clumsy.. most of the times, it does not work). And she was compassionate without being annoying or Mary Sue at all.


Her BFF Brianna was a bit of a dumb, but was OK, because she did not have many scenes. Colton was an amazing romantic interest: rich, confident, very nice but with a touch of wickedness that I found adorable. And he was a great friend too. He won me over in that rich party I guess, when he apologize to the girl just to get a kiss from Charlotte.


I liked every character in this book: Charlotte's family (all her 3 sisters), Brianna's sister Amanda (so radical), Wesley (poor guy, thinking Charlotte was his stalker), Reese (and his friend TJ and his mother and all his classmates at the mall to get Santa's presents). And Charlotte is definitely the kind of girl I want as a friend.


A very quick and fun read -as expected from Janette Rallison.