Promises - Marie Sexton

WTH with the cover?


Most of the story was sweet, and surprisingly enough, I liked one of the female characters more than our 2 heros. Thank you Marie Sexton for this girl, Lizzy, who is Jared's BFF and also his sister-in-law.


So Jared lives in this tiny town, where no one is gay except him and his old teacher, who is about 30 years older. Enters Matt, who is gorgeous, but "straight". Poor Jared falls for him, but because it is an impossible love, he is happy with just being friends. I really liked how their friendship flows, but it left me wondering... can two gay guys be friends?


While Jared was nice and not-girly at all (thank you again!), Matt was way too dramatic. I get that his father was a jerk. I get that his relationship with his family was bad enough. I get that it  must be very hard to get out of the closet. But.. I don't know... it was annoying, to say the least.


Then we have Jared being a pain in the ass. He is happy with Matt, and then he is the one with the fears and embarrasments? Oh, please already.


Another positive aspect is that there are no dom and sub in this romance. It may have seemed that Jared was going to be the sub, but he is not. Not many love scenes (if we are talking about going all the way, but there are more handjobs), and Matt's thoughts about Jared being bottom was... weird maybe?


Not bad, but not WOW or AWWW either.