Audrey, Wait! - Robin Benway

There are some YA books that are meant for every age, and other that are for teenage only. Like this book. I guess I am too old for this kind of book. Audrey is a teenager of 16 years-old, and she is really a teenager: I mean, her voice, her attitude, her thoughts, everything. I do not know how to explain really, because there are teenagers MC who I like and make me want to re-live those days or make me want to be their friends or whatever.


But not Audrey. Besides, she is the kind of girl I could not stand in High School: loud, so full of self-confidence she thinks the others are losers. At the beginning I liked her BFF more than I liked her, but eventually Victoria gets annoying and selfish. Their boyfriends are the nicest guys though.


The plot is very, VERY, unrealistic. Audrey's ex boyfriends writes a song based on their break-up and suddenly it turns into a major hit. The band gains popularity and Audrey is chased everywhere. Fine, it could happen a couple of days, but for months? People dying to meet her, magazines and newspaper getting in touch with her to get an interview or to offer her a reality show. Or paparazzi following her at any time of the day. Because one popular song was based on her. It was ridiculous.


The book has a lot of contemporary references, which to me is also annoying. I hate when authors insert this kind of things in their books. It feels like they try to hard. Audrey's selection of songs... MEH (except when she mentions The Strokes). The song may be catchy, but the lyrics were lame. And Audrey was lame, with all her "you already know this part of the story".


This book was not for me.