Rantings of an akame fanboy - suju786

It has been a year since I've read the most fantastic Akame fanfic, so I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Every once in a while I read my favorite scenes. I ship this couple so much...


I think it was a great idea to write a fanfic inspired by the possible fanaticism of Yoko for Akame. Besides the many time he called them Akakame, there is that famous time when he narrated his Akame's encounter on the radio (thank you Yoko for being you!). Also, Yoko's personality helps to make a hilarious fanfic... he is known for his over-excitement for everything.


We know they are over. So over. Whatever happened between them ended like, 4 years ago, if not more. So why do we fangirls keep reading this kind of fanfics and keep re-watching old videos and keep re-reading old interviews? Because we are not sure of what happened. I am pretty sure that if someone puts an end to our misery and just tell us the truth (Yes, they used to be lovers. No, it was just fanservice. No, they were just friends. Etc, etc..) we can leave this behind. But no, no one tells anything, and we keep hoping. Argggg.


Although I highly enjoyed this fanfic, I tend to dislike that authors describe K as "girly". He is not remotely girly! And A as the "band leader"?? As if! And K crying and pouting? No way! And I laughed at the romantic scene Yoko witnessed. More than romantic, it was very funny.


Good fanfic, a bit corny but very funny. As expected if the narrator is Yoko!