In the Coils of the Snake - Clare B. Dunkle

Considering that Marak was my favorite character in this trilogy, the last book of the saga started very, very wrong. When it started with "the old goblin", I refused to believe it was referring to Marak. But the last straw, "the straw that broke the camel's back", was that Marak was dying. He was happy because it was Catspaw's turn to rule the kingdom as the new Goblin King. Of course Marak would be happy, even if he has to face his death. But I wasn't, not one bit.


Besides, this Miranda, a human girl, raised by Marak to be a King's Wife, was the MC of this 3rd book. Only that Catspaw discovers a group of elves and gets a new wife. Meanwhile, Miranda, very hurt, leaves the goblin kingdom and without meaning to, she lives with the elves.


I like elves, I love them actually. But this trilogy was about Goblins, not Elves. I love the Goblins Clare Dunkle created. I love how nice and honest they are, and how monstrous they look. I was expecting to read more about them, not about the elves. And certainly not about Miranda. I found both Miranda and Nir, the elf lord, very annoying. Miranda was not a likeable character, and I distrusted that Nir for most of the book. Moreover, his biggest sin was to talk bad about the goblins. And silly Miranda, who was chosen by Marak nonetheless!, could not stop caring for the annoying elf.


It was out of character for Marak to have chosen a human girl to become his son's wife. I could not accept it. Everyone knows the King has to marry an elf girl, for it is better for the kingdom. Why would he raise this girl, why would this common girl be a good wife for this son, the future Goblin King! It did not make any sense.


I am sorry Catspaw, I like you, but you are not your father. Maybe if there was more about him and his new wife. Was it me or this last book was gloomier than the others? Kate was not happy, Emily was not happy, Sable was not happy... I am thankful for Seylin, who was like the only familiar character with full scenes in this darker volume.


I would have rated it 4 if it was a stand-alone book. Or if I did not know the goblins.