Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 18 - Karuho Shiina

Is Chizu the funniest girl in a shoujo or what? Her expressions when she is uncomfortable . The whole scene where the girls are sharing their previous night experiences... and Chizu is there all sweaty trying to gain courage to tell them what happened with Ryu

Oh boy, that night is unforgettable; last time I read KnT was almost a year ago, but how could I forget the whole Chizu-Ryu scene? And Joe! When Ruy found out Chizu showed the girls the present he gave it to her... hahaha, I could not stop laughing. Chizu is so thick-head.

I am still not so sure about Ayane and Kento as a couple, but I like both of them so much it is hard not to accept them together.