Tech Support - Jet Mykles

Who is the artist of these covers? All of them are so ugly. Looks like a cheap romance book. They are embarrassing, but Jet Mykles is such an expert in yaoi novels I almost forgive her awful covers.


Her formula works for me always, in spite of being so predictable. But again, only yaoi fangirls may appreciate this kind of plot. Cute uke+ handsome seme: Aaron is a geek nerd who likes to work on computers and hates to socialize. He meets Yoshiki, an important businessman, who takes in instant like on this beautiful boy and convinces him to help him to buy all sort of electronics for his new house.


What can I say, I love Asian guys. Put a Japanese hottie as one of the main characters and I am hooked. Although Yoshiki is not entirely Japanese -being natural blond, for example- he has almond shaped eyes. And speaks Japanese. Two major turn on!


For around 85% of the story it was a 3 stars. When they are just friends, they are cute together. When they become lovers, it is very hot... Jet Mykles knows how to write nosebleeds scenes (although I would have prefer less doggy styles and more missioner ones, but well... it is less romantic IMO). When Aaron meets the evil bitch Rachel (poor women, they are all evils in MM romances!) and he gets depressed and leaves Yoshiki because Yoshiki has to be with a woman, and needs to have children, and blah, blah, I was not upset. It is something that usually happens in MM romances, and I like it. It makes the story a bit bittersweet, specially when both men prefer to choose their love over family and reputation.


But then comes that moment that made me cringe and drop the rating to 2 stars. Sorry Jet Mykles, but you were enormously wrong to write that. 


  So Yoshiki comes back to Aaron to tell him that he was wrong to give up on them. He was mad because Aaron thought Yoshiki would sleep with Rachel. Rachel is last season; Aaron is his only lover... Yoshiki tells him he thought about what Aaron said, and he even tried to forget Aaron. How? He called Rachel. He spent a lot of time with her, sleeping with her. I am not saying ONCE, but SEVERAL times, the whole weekend. Oh, but he did it anally too, because he could not forget Aaron's ass. Riiiight. Really romantic, Yoshiki. NOT. We all wanted to know the many times you f***d with Rachel but that you could not enjoyed it. **eyerolls**


Ahhh, and another pet peeve was how Aaron comes out with his parents. No depth, no effort from the author's side, all very convenient. MEH.


Now that I think of it, it makes me even madder. So even if I enjoyed 85% of the book, I have to take at least another half star. Not 2 anymore, but my final review is 1 and a half :P